Leopold 's And The Free State System Essay

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Source five states that Leopold put hospitals into effect at every important point in the region. He produced churches, schools, and laboratories, and organized government buildings. He cleared non-providing forests with land to produce rubber, cocoa, coffee, and other food-providing trees, vines, and crops.
The locals would have noticed Leopold 's reforms in ways suggested in the picture documents. Railways, hospitals, and new currency were just some of Leopold’s reforms in order to modernize the Congo.
Much needed reforms came with a price. More often than not Leopold’s benefits provided negative benefits. The heavily biased source one suggests that Leopold and his administration were solely conquerors who only enter the Congo in hopes of stealing resources. “The Free State system was little more than one of plunder, and no regard was paid either to the well-being of the local population or to the conservation of the herds of elephants or the wild rubber plants.” Due to the increase in infrastructure, exports tended margin heavily over the imports. The system of direct rule was no longer in effect. Villages were often held by outside forces who were there simply to enforce taxes.
Leopold ruled the Congo in a very two-faced manner. Well-to-do members of society supported his reforms because they directly affected them positively more. The poverty-stricken peoples were more directly affected negatively. In summary, his reforms tended to lead toward the negative side,…

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