Legalization Of Assisted Suicide (PAS) In The United States

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Should assisted suicides be allowed in every state in the U.S.? 2

Legalization of physician assisted suicide (PAS) in the USA has been a controversial topic in recent years. In fact, most of states are still forbidding assisted suicide as it is illegal. There are only four states in this country allows PAS. They are Oregon, Montana, Washington, Vermont, and California. Despite being controversial, majority of people that choose to die assisted by physician are suffered from terminal diseases. Some supporters believe that people should have the right to choose what they want because of freewill. Others argue that it’s immoral to end people’s life in an unnatural way and it’s also bring
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Many people believe that under the condition of PAS being legal, physicians may not try their best till the last minute. In another word, legal PAS could be a great excuse to release the pressure of some doctors to insist on continually working on finding better solution to cure patients. According to Phillipa (2014), “One participant spoke about what might be lost if euthanasia was an option available to patients: ‘They’re not going to find a cure tomorrow. The cure they’re going to find is looking after you and how they are going to make it better for you and when the next person comes along, that didn’t work well, let’s try this and it worked a little better. … they could make it better for the next one” (para.8). In fact, some professional believe that a key point to prevent patients who suffered from terminal or other diseases to choose assisted suicide is to providing better medical care, especially pain control. Sanders (2012) states that “we frequently see patients referred to our Pain Clinic who request physician-assisted suicide because of uncontrolled pain. We commonly see such ideation and requests dissolve with adequate control of pain and other symptoms, using combination of pharmacologic, neurosurgical, anestheti,or psychological approaches”( para. 3). As evidence shows, there are still many medical methods to help patients who may pushed to choose PAS to gain more opportunity to survive from disease if they and their doctors are not giving up too early. No matter for patients or medical improvement, legalizing PAS will lead to a loose-loose

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