Left Behind By His Education Before College Essay

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The extent that Cedric was “left behind” by his education before college was by not feeling that he was not being challenged hard enough to be accounted as competitive. For example, although he gets high grades in all his classes and studies every day to have everything memorized for next class, he feels it’s not good enough for him to be competitive as the other students in college. Also since he attends Ballou High School, a school located in Washington D.C, in which performs poorly according to its educational standards, he feels that will be a roadblock for him to achieve his goal, in which is to attend a top university. As Cedric was going through the school year, he found it difficult to be to a level to the other students in college.
Cedric was left behind on A Hope in the Unseen because of his social background where he was raised in the neighborhood of Ballou. Where his dad wasn’t the idol father Cedric had in his childhood when he was young. He faced struggles like money problems and the area where he lived where bullets were fired in his neighborhood. Being smart and planning to have a future was like a dream to the rest of the people who Cedric knew. Also those individuals who were smart or honor roll student would be targets of being bullied but this was the life Cedric had to go through.
Another quote states “there were kids like Cedric, he recalls, at the magnet school in Cincinnati, a school that was about 60 percent white, 40 percent black”. It also says…

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