Learning Language And Work As An Interpreter Essay

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Playing hide and seek or just walking were common activities for boys and girls in my neighbourhood I presume I also had a buzz out of being involved in this games. However, the sheer enjoyment was provided not by games but by speaking a language that nobody understands I dreamed about learning language and work as an Interpreter. I took part at knowledge Olympiads but unfortunately it was on Russian on the other hand it has a positive side because after graduating from the University I worked as a barrister assistant at criminal court where I made Russian-Uzbek and
Uzbek-Russian translations that was very interesting because you see all cases that people come across. The another point I should talk about is that my mother always wanted her son travel around the world but I had another plans about it my passion was to study abroad so after graduating from the
University I planned to take an IELTS examination as government of our country encourages language teaching.
Consequently, IELTS opened new horizons to me and eventually, I had a chance to embark on thrilling adventure to India where I spent 2 months of my life with people from different countries they spoke English at that time I caught myself on thinking that my English is getting better. I experienced the hard way that only practice can fasten theory, this period of studying in India highly motivated me to continue my education abroad in English speaking atmosphere that can provide me with the richest vocabulary of…

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