Learning Environment And Racial Profiling Essay examples

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A large portion of us needs to confront obstructions that are difficult to experience. Additionally, we as individuals can overcome them and become more noteworthy than we were before. Painful experiences may hurt us but will build us up. Is life filled with painful experiences and do painful experiences cause permanent damage? In life, individuals overcome their agonizing encounters and become stronger then they ever were. There have been situations: being denied an education, successfully dealing with a hostile learning environment and racial profiling It is possible to receive an education in spite of a painful experiences. People are likely to have a troublesome obstacle while they are attempting to accomplish something they need to do in life. By confronting these experiences, people will change. This situation has happened to a man named Fredrick Douglass in “Learning to Read and to Write.” As a child who is oppressed, he has a go at anything that he could discover to figure out how to read and write. He is living with a white family and at first is instructed about how to compose; however, since the slave owner doesn’t agree with the idea with him being educated, the wife stops. Be that as it may, regardless he figures out ways to be instructed which shows great strength and courage. For example, he tricks kids by telling them that he is better at writing or took the book of the master’s son and copy what he wrote. In addition, after all those years of finding ways…

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