Essay about Learning Approach / Behaviourist Approach

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Learning approach / behaviourist approach
In the learning approach they believe that all behaviour is learnt from the environment after birth, that everyone born is born with a ‘Tabula Rasa’ and Latin phrase meaning ‘blank slate’. All the behaviour and knowledge all then comes from associations and interactions with people around us and environment we are bought up in which is learnt from observation and others around us modelling behaviour. New types of behaviours which are formed from association is between a neutral stimulus and an unconditioned response. Before conditioning the stimulus it is called an unconditioned stimulus (UCS) and the response being an unconditioned response (UCR). During the conditioning the stimulus is the unconditioned stimulus (UCS) and a neutral stimulus (NS) put together and the response is still an unconditioned response (UCR). After conditioning the stimulus it then becomes a conditioned response (CS).
Classical Conditioning.
Ivan Pavlov (1849 – 1946) a Russian psychologist experimented on classical conditioning on dogs in the 1890’s. In the experiment the dog alone was the unconditioned stimulus, which could be provoked by an unconditioned response when presented with food, which lead the dog to salivate. The next step was the unconditioned stimulus being accompanied by a neutral stimulus which was ringing a bell every time food was bought out which developed a conditioned response to the dog. Every time the bell rung the dog began to…

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