Leading A Continuously Changing Organization Essay

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Leading a Continuously Changing Organization As the new CEO of a medium-sized company, the organization’s Board of Directors charged me with incorporating needed renovations in the currently stagnant business. Although the board accurately portrayed the potential the company possesses, they also described the pitfalls. The odds are not in my favor. Researchers studying the success rate of top management hired from outside a company discovered that approximately 50% of these individuals failed within the first 18 months of their tenure (Church, 2014). My position as the new CEO could generate a level of distrust amongst the employees. Knowing that my main responsibility is to initiate and implement transformational adjustments that may negatively impact a significant number of employees, building trust may be a challenge. However, in order to lead the organization to a position of stable growth, gaining the employees’ trust is essential. By nature, I am a servant leader, and as such, I would utilize organizational learning and community-of-practice theories to design and implement change strategies which would include measurable benchmarks for gauging progress, and momentum checkpoints for assessing necessary corrections.
At this point, the company is at a crossroad. In order to move the business forward, I must examine all areas to determine priorities. The organization does possess one factor that offers great value in that it possesses a combination of both experienced…

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