Leadership Essay

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Leadership is an often debated topic. Everyone has their own opinion of the types of characteristics leaders or management should possess. Employees and staff often have their own views about their managers or supervisors leadership style. Many leaders have their own style of leadership. They have their own special way of motivating a group to achieve a goal. There are many types of leadership. What type of leadership brings success? What factors motivate employees to exceed expectation? What must a supervisor or manager do to increase performance and exceed goals? What leadership skills or traits affect the company’s culture and ethics? Can leadership style be demonstrated through the organization? Management uses several ways that lead …show more content…
Even the company’s motto of “Don’t be evil” hints at conscious, ethically correct behavior (Google Website).
Leaders motivate, give intellectual simulation, and encourage others to be creative. By following these styles of leadership, leaders increase the level of employee satisfaction, morale and higher productivity. Google’s C.E.O and co-founder(s) Larry Page and Sergey Brin is known for its transformational leadership style. When the executives brought in a third C.E.O. Eric Schmidt it was quoted in an article that the three “ran the company as a triumvirate because they believe that the “shared judgments and extra energy available from all three of us has significantly benefited Google (Google Inc. 2004)” (Morrow 2009). The democratic transformational leaders make the final decisions, but they include team members in the decision-making process. They encourage creativity, and people are often highly engaged in projects and decisions. As a result, team members tend to have high job satisfaction and high productivity. This is not always an effective style to use, though, when you need to make a quick decision.
Google leaders encourage their group members to be more innovative and creative by letting members communicate in a less stressful environment. Google Inc. has received a lot of attention for its different approach in creating its unique

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