Leadership Essay

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Leadership within an organization is often a challenging task to endure. To be an effective leader one must have values and visions while also having the courage to persevere through obstacles to successfully instill change within an organization. I know one such leader in my community that effectively led a change effort in her organization. For this assignment I interviewed Alyssa May, an Accounting Analyst at Assa Abloy, a lock manufacturing company in Phoenix, Arizona. As an Accounting Analyst Ms. May was in charge of a large inventory reduction effort within her organization. Through hard work and practices such as those presented in The Leadership Challenge, Ms. May successfully achieved her goal of leading a change initiative in her …show more content…
May led in her organization, I asked what first triggered the need for this change. Ms. May explained to me that by being in the Accounting department one of her main values was to make sure that her organization was financially profitable. She then went on to say that this should really be a goal of everybody within the organization- to make money. Ms. May’s first task was to assure that all individuals within her organization had their values aligned. As stated in The Leadership Challenge, “Shared values are the foundational pillars for building productive and genuine working relationships” (Kouzes, 2012). In order to assure shared values, Ms. May set a meeting with the managers from all departments within Assa Abloy and shared her value of being profitable. From that meeting, Ms. May said, she was able to assess that all individuals within the organization shared this value. Therefore, she knew that moving forward with her change initiative was going to be easier simply because her working relationships were and values were all on the same page. Next, Ms. May told me that she began to build her team that would assist her in her inventory reduction efforts. She knew that she needed a team that could be the most effective is getting the necessary resources and that would motivate the motivation to consistently aid in reducing their inventory. When I asked Ms. May what her vision was for the future of the inventory in her

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