Leadership Vs Leadership: Leadership Vs. Leadership

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Management VS Leadership

1) Management: As the name states management is a skill of managing the business, organization, team or an event. It deals with managing resources, things and people effectively to increase efficiency and performance. It helps in coordinating the people and accomplish goals and objectives.
Six functions are considered necessary for an effective management. There are as follows:
1. Forecasting: Achieving the objective by planning the future goals.
2. Planning: Prepare an action plan according to the needs in the future.
3. Coordinating: Achieving an organization goals by creating a structure
4. Organizing: Making sure that all the resources are utilized properly.
5. Commanding: Making people do the work according to
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Leader is a person who focusses on people and work whereas Manger focusses only on work.
Manager do have subordinates whereas leader do have followers.


Mother Teresa: I personally consider Mother Teresa as my second mother. It is not only me who considers her as a mother but many people across the world.

She is really an idealistic person who sacrificed her entire life servicing the poor and the needy people. Such good heart, kindness, patience, tolerance, humbleness, and simplicity all these made her a great person. She might not be present physically but she is still alive in many million hearts. There are many followers of Mother Teresa who still work with the same moto and provide service to poor and needy people.

Susan B.Anthony: One of the greatest Women’s in American history who tried to abolish the slavery system in US. She also worked for the promotion of women’s and workers right. She has given countless speeches on human rights to educate people.

Florence Nightingale: A British women servicing all the wounded people in the Crimean war, played a major role in finding new improvements to the treatments done to the

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