Leadership Theory For Educational Leadership Essay

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This concept map illustrates a structure for educational leadership within a school. It has been constructed to respond to a focus question “What should effective school leadership involve?”
The segments of this concept map have similarities and links that are important to painting a complete picture of effective school leadership, as these structures and concepts cannot be effective in isolation (Marzano, Walters and McNulty, 2005).
Overall this concept map demonstrates the importance of effective school leadership structure in working towards improved school culture and improved student outcomes.
Theories of Leadership:
Marzano et al., (2005) identify a number of leadership theories and styles that are present in organisations today. In analysing these theories and their key elements, those presented in the concept map are considered as most effective in educational leadership.
In an ideal leadership framework the most effective principles and approaches can be mixed and matched to create an approach that suits the goals, vision and structure of the chosen school. The theories from which this overall approach has been formed include Transformational, Instructional and Distributed Leadership.
Transformational Leadership suggests working towards a vision that inspires others (Better Business Learning (BBL), July 2012). This works particularly well in an educational context where the vision and goals of the majority if not all staff in schools are to improve student…

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