Essay on Leadership Theory And Style Of Corporate Leadership

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Leadership Theory and Style
Corporate leadership style is the habit of the leadership shown by the various features. Habituation of leadership in the long-term personal experience and leadership practice gradually formed, and consciously or unconsciously play a role in stabilizing the leadership practice, with a strong personality colour. Every leader has its leaders and other distinguished style and work environment, experience and personality linked. Theoretical and practical significance of research leadership style is that it can better reflect the realities of leadership activities, explain the difference between leadership effectiveness. (Baidu, 2016) The Fonterra used the Participative and situational Leadership theories and styles.
Participative Leadership
Democratic leaders pay attention to encourage and assist the work of the group members, care for and meet the needs of community members, create an atmosphere of democracy and equality, social and psychological distance between the leader and the led between relatively close. (Baidu baike, 2016)Fonterra leaders, focusing on encouraging and assisting them to find new shareholders farmers milk needs of the market, in the democratic style of leadership, group members themselves decide how and the progress of the work, the work more efficient. The democratic team is positioned on all members, only play the role of a leader to guide or host committee, whose main task is among the members of mediation and arbitration.…

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