Essay on Leadership, Leadership And Leadership

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Leadership Leadership has many different meanings to many different people. Leadership to me is about taking charge in a way to lead people in an organization to help improve yourself as well as the people you are leading while creating and supporting positive changes in an organization. Many articles suggest different meanings. Appreciative Leadership is unique among leadership theories both past and present. This uniqueness includes its strength-based practice, search for the positive in people and organizations, and the role this plays in organizational innovation and transformation. Appreciative Leader is a strength-based leader. Leaders are considered to be role models of appreciative inquiry in their relationships with others and participate along with other staff and colleagues in the inquiry process. In a sense, the leader is less important than the questions she or he asks, the discourse these questions create, and the ongoing quest of seeing the positive potential in both the staff and organization. (Orr and Cleveland-Innes, 2015)
As a leader, being appreciative, as the meaning above, I would want to be able to build a great relationship with employees. So often found in Human Resource leaders you find negativity and minimal support. In my experience, which has never really been positive, you find that HR doesn’t have the respect of employees and their needs which often leads to employees not getting the support they need. There is also Educational…

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