Law Of Attraction: Unlocking Your Happy Life

Law Of Attraction: Unlocking Your Happy Life
By Wenny Yap | Submitted On March 01, 2012

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Expert Author Wenny Yap
Whether you want to live a long life or if you only care for an opportunity to live a short one... either way, it is your own responsibility to make it a happy life!

Marvin Gaye sang "DON 'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!" Well, he may be right or he may be wrong. How you are going to achieve that happiness is entirely
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It is not uncommon for those who have less to achieve happiness. Bearing this in mind, I do believe there is a common ground somewhere for everyone to achieve happiness somehow. From my simplest perspective, I believe the following simple keys can help lead the majority onto the path towards it:-

Love - Love is free, sang Sheryl Crow. What makes you happy is love coming from inside you. God teach us to love one another. So why not be generous with your unconditional love. If you are generous with your love, everyone will love you back. You will never be alone if you are generous. Your generosity will open all the doors.

Health - You are what you eat. Good health is a key to happiness and therefore, it is important that you maintain a healthy mind and body through reasonable eating habits and diets, plenty of physical activities and
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There 's a difference between doing charity to make a difference and doing charity to feel good about you. If you can combine the two, only then can you truly feel the joys of reaching out to those in need of your random acts of kindness.

Moderation - Leading a life in moderation means to achieve a balance in life. Knowing where to stop and when is enough is to create balance as overdoing may lead you away from the joys that you started with. The secret to a happy and abundant life is moderation in all the things.

Gratitude - This is a powerful contributor to lead a happy life. Savor every moment here and now and be grateful when you looked back what you have experienced. People who take their time to notice and appreciate the good things that come their way are happier and contented.

The law of attraction says "like attracts like" and you will receive more of it depending what you choose to attract into your life. Whatever life throws at you, they are mere manifestations from your inner consciousness. You can choose to go through life just sitting by the sidelines or you can get up and play along with life 's game the way you desire. Whichever option, you

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