Language Is The Most Crucial Form Of Communication Essay

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Language is the most crucial form of communication. Although, it varies from culture to culture, language has the same purpose and it is applied in similar process. However, many of the languages are endangered and becoming extinct. Endangered languages are the biggest reason that there is a loss of culture or the decline of consistent tradition. If languages are not treasured and valued, then it can destroy the whole culture by removing it altogether. Every language is important and has very high value, whether one is more popular than the other.
Language, in my opinion, cannot die, it can fade away or become less popular, however, it cannot actually become “extinct”. Language usually is incorporated into other languages or language is altered into another dialect. Languages are form of communication, which is the main reason that supports that language, cannot die. Languages become endangered because: technology takes over, new culture arises or lack of interest or familiarity. Many factors like these hinder the continuation of a specific language and therefore, lead to the “death” of a language.
Our times have changed and advanced to modern innovations and ways of thinking. Generations have changed the traditions, customs and rituals in a society, which also changed the way communication is processed. Language was a very crucial aspect to the way our society functioned and carried out their information. However, now language has changed and the way we carry out our…

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