Language Is The Method Of Human Communication Essay example

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As I sit here pondering a successful way to begin this essay about language, I can’t help but ask myself “why is language, let alone the use of multiple languages so important anyway”. This questioning of the very thing that allows me to construct my thoughts and express them to you as a reader quickly begins to feel foolish. Language is so important, but so overlooked that it’s not surprising that I’d so quickly question it in this way. There’s not a day that we as humans don’t take advantage of the concept that is language. Language is THE method of human communication. Being that language is so unfathomably significant and essential to the human experience I find it odd that a natural potential that is so accessible to all people is very rarely met to its fullest, at least not willingly. We all have the potential to learn multiple languages and therefore utilize the multiple facets of communication, expression, and reception but rarely do we willingly make use of this universal capability. Multilingual literature is impactful because it allows for a writer to make use of these different outlets of expression, it allows the reader with the opportunity to obtain a broader sense of the story being expressed, and it allows for the text itself to reach a deeper sense of reality and overall status.
Multiple languages means multiple forms of expression. In this day in age where literature competes so closely with other forms of entertainment like film and video games it is…

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