Essay on Language Is A Powerful System

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In 1984 by George Orwell, the protagonist, Winston Smith, makes observations and analyses of the institutions that control his society. In Oceania, the country in which Winston resides, language is a powerful system. Language is a method of communication used by a particular group, and in Oceania, the language they use is that of Newspeak. Newspeak is a powerful force within Oceania due to the authority that is has. However, The Party, the organization who rules the society, has control over the language. In 1984, Orwell institutions’ control over people is illustrated through Newspeak and how it is utilized in Oceania. The language gives The Party the power to control the thoughts of its citizens and alter the past and future, which aids it in upholding their ideology. Yet, this control of the language is only meant for those who have power and status in their society.
In 1984 the language of Oceania serves to aid The Party in controlling the actions of its members. Language has an effect on the way people think. In the novel, Winston speaks of a crime called thoughtcrime. Thoughtcrime, or thinking against what the party wants you to think, is considered as the crime that contains all other crimes (Orwell 16). Thoughtcrime also carries a harsh consequence with Winston comparing committing thoughtcrime to death (Orwell 25). In order to prevent this crime, The Party utilizes Newspeak instead of the old language of Oceania, Oldspeak or Standard English (Orwell 267). The Party…

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