Language As A Non Verbal Form Of Communication Essay

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Language is multimodal, verbal language such as speech and visual communication such as writing, expressions and gestures. Communication can occur face to face, over a distance or it can be recorded. Language first began as speech and has developed over time due to written text and advances in technology (Gee & Hayes, 2011, p. 9).
Thesis statement
Language is visual in many ways. It can be seen in symbols body language, sign language and in written texts. Some of these visual aspects accompany other modes of language such as gestures with speech, while others are independent for example a book. Body language is a non-verbal form of communication which can be conscious or unconscious and expresses attitudes and feelings. Body language is received instantaneously and instinctually by others who then categorise the behaviour into friend, threat, sexual mate or indifferent (Bowden, 2013). Some behaviours are recognised as having a singular meaning for example nodding usually means agreement however others can be misinterpreted as they may have multiple meanings such as crossed arms can be defensive or mean insecurity and raised eyebrows can mean recognition or surprise. Gestures add to understanding. They can give reference to expressions of such as ‘this tall’, fill in structural slot “Can you pass me that? gesture: ‘the pen’” and modified speech acts (Gullberg & De Bot, 2010, p.5). Non-verbal cues can also indicate the type of relationship for example dominant or mutual. It is…

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