Essay on Language and Power AQA A level English Language B

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Language and power 1
Power is gained in many ways throughout the text. Text I has been written, primarily, to persuade an audience to share their (bwag) views on the new Sainsburys being built in their “medieval heritage” town of Bishops Waltham, therefore it is aimed at residents of the town who are old enough to write a valid letter of complaint – age 18-70. Firstly, imperatives are used to be assertive right from the beginning of the text. The word “write” in “write a letter today” immediately sets a forward and confident tone to the text, making the matter seem important. As Bishops Waltham is a town without a superstore, this suggests it is small. This also suggests that the bwag group is also small therefore may not be well known to
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Through gaining votes and getting people to write letters, residents begin to see bwag as a group that are trying to do the right thing and therefore they should be better supported, causing bwag to have more power over more people. The adjectives “severe” and “narrow” are used as hyperboles to enhance the bias points being made even further. By having a negative semantic field within the bias points, from the verb “diminished” and the adjective “severe” it makes the audience unable to think of a positive thought while reading this as a pessimistic manner has been set over the leaflet.
Fact is also used as a highly persuasive feature to gain the trust of the readers. “For 18 months Bishops Waltham Action Group have been campaigning...” Opening up with a fact just after using the concrete noun “resident” and addressing them personally, immediately starts to convince the audience that what they are about to read is not just a piece of junk mail, but something to do with their community that is factual and worth reading about. After reading the fact and seeing that bwag have been campaigning for 18 months, the audience can see how much hard work has been put into this from bwag, instantly gaining them more respect from the start as well as reinforcing the importance of the imperative “write” in the title. As well as being directly addressed, just as a letter would with “dear

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