Essay on Language And Design Shaped A Unique Free Verse

1141 Words Nov 18th, 2015 5 Pages
Poems are usually used to express writer’s view about particular events. It brings both plain meaning and implications when readers reading them. There are many types of poems, but free verse is the most widely popular type in all of poems. This kind of poem without clear rhythm and constraint framework, so readers can easy to understand what context want to present. Free verse takes an important part in modern poetry because it is the combination of tradition and modernity. It advocates determine the metrical form though the need of expression rather than follow a specific format. I will analyses how language and design shaped a unique free verse. Free verse is an open from poem, which isn’t have too much rules to limit the contexts. Without the traditional format, poets can use nonstandard words to express their opinion to specific events and thinking. And further, Because of lack of uniform format, poets can set up random rules of free verse. They can take up much space to achieve their own goals. Just as baron state that give some empty space for your poems (Baron, 2015). Writing a poem don’t need to fill to the full by following the frameworks. Giving much vacant spaces will make the poem unique. So there is no doubt that free verse is important for modern people to know more. Free verse should not only known by me but only for others. Without complex metrical form and recondite words, how free verse form through language and design should be known by us. In…

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