Language And Clothing Are Intertwined They Can Produce Powerful Affects On The Co Production Of Gendered Identity

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When language and clothing are intertwined they can produce powerful affects on the co-production of gendered identity and conflict talk. Once Ammoon gave her back to the guests and left the living room, the back of her head’s large bouffant moved up and down (line 26). The initial reaction of the guests is varied and zoomed in a close-up shot by the cartoon writers: Zainabo pushed her lips to the front with eyes wide-open, Um Suleiman bit her index finger and kept her eyes wide-open, while Um Sayyid squeezed her cheeks with her hand and also kept her eyes-wide-open (line 27). Then in a long shot: Sabto showed a beaming face with a big awkward smile; Um Suleiman’s eyes turned white and her arms are down and her face is lifeless like a zombie with yellow electric shock waves coming from her eyes; Um Sayyid looking expressionless; and Zainabo folded her arms while maintaining a poker face (line 28). It is through this animated display of rejection, the episode turned to the attacks on the camel hump hijab.
Um Suleiman raised her voice and said: “What is this disaster, yes! Is that all hair in your head o Ammoon! Or your head caught mumps?!” (lines 29-31). Um Suleiman attacked by subtly comparing Ammoon’s head’s shape with how mumps makes the neck swollen. This is to draw an analogy. She draws a parallel between the inflation of her hijab and the despicable image of a disease. Thereby, the hijab style indexes an epidemic, which is connotative of how it is becoming a symptom of…

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