Language Acquisition And Language Diversity Essay

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The ways in which humans communicate
Language plays an instrumental role in human communication as it had ensured our species’ survival and ability to thrive within civilizations. Notably, language exists as a universal contract that reaches an agreement of mutual comprehension during the event of two parties communicating. Without this mutual comprehension, the human brain would be less advanced than even an ant’s and this would result in quick extinction (Formigari, 2004). Although communication is a vital trait to the human species, the ultimate origin of human language has not yet been decided upon. Despite this, researchers have developed many theories as to where the specific use of human language may have originated. Many researchers have been able to draw inferences about the emergence of human language through archaeological evidence and fossil records (Phipps, 2011).
Moreover, studies pertaining to language acquisition and language diversity have resulted the leading to the provision of relevant information. Research indicates that there is a relationship between the origins of modern language and the pre-human behaviors. This is the case because there are numerous changes in this particular domain. Additionally, several approaches and hypotheses have been devised in order to attempt to explain the history of language (Formigari, 2004). These include the Continuity theory as well as the Discontinuity theory. The continuity theory explains the origin of language as…

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