Essay on Langston Hughes As A Poet

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Langston Hughes is usually thought of as a poet. But he also wrote novels, plays, short stories, essays, autobiographies, newspaper columns, children’s books, and the words to operas.
He also translated into English the works of foreign poets. Hughes was one of the first black writers who could support himself by his writings. He is praised for his ability to say what was important to millions of blacks. Hughes produced a huge amount of work during his lifetime. He also has influenced the work of many other writers. He wrote for almost fifty years. Langston Hughes was famous for his descriptions of black American life. He used his work to praise his people and voice his concerns about race and social injustice. His work is known all around the world and has been translated into many languages. Hughes’s poetry had serious messages. He often wrote about racial issues, describing his people in realistic way.
Although his story was not often pleasant, he told it with understanding and with hope.

James Mercer Langston Hughes, also known as Langston Hughes was an African
American. Langston was born in 1902, in Joplin, Missouri to James and Carrie Hughes.
Langston father left him and his mother when Langston was still a little boy. Most of Hughes’ time as a child was spent with his grandmother because his mom was always out working and supporting the family. She told him stories about their family and their fight to end slavery. Her storytelling filled him with…

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