Land Loss During Early American History Essay

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Land has a tremendous affect on Native Americans starting in the 1912’s till even today when it comes to political issues throughout history with Americans.whether it is fighting for their land, watching their loved ones die from disease while moving, or even losing trust from love ones. Louise Erdrich helps explain to readers what Natives actually went through in the Novel Tracks. Nanapush and many other characters tell us how losing their land to the White Americans created many problems for them. Many of the characters go through a vast amount of pain with themselves and for family. Nanapush is almost like the story teller about what really happened from the beginning to the end, Pauline is the character that does not have a connection with the land like the other Natives, and Eli goes through a family separation, and the same with Fleur but she also has gone through many other things. While reading Tracks, Erdrich helps show how the political issue of land loss during early American history destroys Native families and Tribes mentally, physically, and also spiritually.
Though the mental stress and pain that Natives go through because of the lose of tribal land is unbearable. As Fleur is dealing with her depression after finding out she was going to lose her cabin. This really pushes Fleur to her limit of mental pain to where she does not know what to do or think anymore . When Nanapush watches Fleur he describes that "Fleur bent over, picked some stones up, and…

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