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Northern California

Geology of Northern
Frank DeCourten
Department of Earth Science Sierra College

Standing more than
10,000 feet (3,000 m) above the surrounding terrain, Mt. Shasta is the largest volcano in northern California and symbolizes the dynamic geologic processes that have shaped a spectacular landscape. 63829_02_insidecover.qxd


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Northern California.1 Introduction
Ⅲ What are northern California’s physiographic provinces?
Ⅲ What is the Farallon subduction zone? al Ⅲ What two types of plate boundaries exist in northern California today? th Ⅲ What are terranes, how do they originate, and why are they important in northern
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Andr s or Ⅲ How did the San Andreas fault system originate? inian Ⅲ What is the Salinian block? norther Ra
Ⅲ How old are the northern Coast Ranges and what tectonic forces elevated them?
Northern California.6 Volcanoes of the Cascade Range and Modoc ornia.6 olcan
Plateau fornia volca
Ⅲ What California volcanoes are part of the Cascade Range?
Ⅲ What is the Cascadia subduction zone? o Ⅲ What kind of volcanic activity typifies the Cascade Range?
Ⅲ Why is Mount Lassen an especially interesting volcano in the Cascade Range?
Northern California.7 The Basin and Range of Northeast California
Ⅲ What tectonic forces are responsible for the pattern of alternating mountains and valleys in the Basin and Range province?

Ⅲ What mountains and basins in northern California belong to the Basin and Range province?

Northern California.8 The Northern California Ice Ages
Ⅲ During what time periods did northern California experience Ice Age conditions?
Ⅲ What landscape features resulted from the Pleistocene Epoch glaciations in northern

Ⅲ How did the Pleistocene landscape of northern California differ from the modern setting?

Northern California.9 Northern California Earthquakes
Ⅲ What plate tectonic settings are associated with northern California earthquakes?
Ⅲ What is the likelihood of another major earthquake in northern California?
Ⅲ What might be the effects of a large

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