Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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Having confidence does not mean that you are right, which is a concept many of the characters in William Shakespeare’s, Macbeth, have taught its readers over the years. Specifically characters such as Macbeth himself, his wife, Lady Macbeth, and the king of Scotland, King Duncan. All three of these characters have one thing in common besides the fact that all three end the play in the grave. Shakespeare presents that the foundation of blind ambition is rooted in confidence; as seen in Lady Macbeth’s control over the assassination, King Duncans blind trust in people, and Macbeth’s submission to the witches.
Lady Macbeth has one of the biggest impacts with her downfall. At the beginning of Macbeth, she is extremely confident and ambitious. She has a goal and she is sure nothing will get in her way. The only thing she even considers could get in the way is if her husband will have “the illness that should attend [the ambition]” (I, i, 19). But she does not worry for a second of the emotional impact the assassination of King Duncan will have on herself or Macbeth. Once the murder has been committed, Macbeth begins to freak out, saying that no amount of water will ever clean him of this deed. Lady Macbeth has nearly the exact opposite reaction, “a little water clears of this deed / How easy it is then” (II, ii, 70-71). At this moment, she is only feeling content knowing that her plan is done and that she will soon be into the power she so desires. This is later seen as the…

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