Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

2013 Words Apr 5th, 2016 9 Pages
Lady Macbeth plays the crucial role of the overly criticized wife to the notorious Macbeth in William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth. She is portrayed as inimical and deceiving, making it effortless for readers and Shakespeare himself to loathe her. However, she is not as villainous as Shakespeare illustrates her to be throughout the play, and she is certainly not completely estranged from all modern women. She demonstrates strength, ambition, and deceit for the sake of her husband and his image, and remains his “partner in greatness” despite his new affair with royalty. Simultaneous to keeping her tenacious persona intact, she carries the burden of guilt and misery until her very own tragic downfall transpires. Lady Macbeth, the main scapegoat and one of the most hated characters in Macbeth, proves through her actions that she is not as corrupt as Shakespeare makes her out to be, and that her husband is her first priority in everything as she carries her and her husband’s burdens on her back. Lady Macbeth’s ambition is commonly mistaken for greed and immortality. The stereotype of her character is affiliated with crude adjectives and misjudged behavior, a very harsh review of a woman who shares similar characteristics with twenty-first century women. It is true that Lady Macbeth is not the manifestation of a flawless wife, woman, or future queen, however, she is not necessarily “evil”. Shakespeare creates her to be so vile that no reader, critic, or even Shakespeare…

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