Laborem Exercens Case Study

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PART 2 

Through the understanding of the main text Laborem exercens, I gained an insight into the concept of the working class or lower level of society lacking the necessary resources to attain all their desirable needs. The dignity of the work and the rights of the worker plays an important role and due to their profession, this should not result in the exploitation of the workers by the authoritative figures. The text placed emphasis on how there should be physical/social barriers placed to stop greedy members within society from misusing their power hence, creating disorder towards the lower class in society.

The Church is concerned about many issues such as workers’ inadequate wages, social welfare, unemployment, health and workplace conditions post the industrialisation period (especially) as these forms of exploitation not only cause conflicts and trouble they are potentially very harmful to society. This further reemphasises the fact that work provides everyone to create value and purpose in their daily lives, thus it is crucial that we should not objectify people as being mere instruments around the workplace.

Irrationality is one of the main conclusions that is reached in the text as if one class of the society neglects the other in terms of disregarding the dignity of the work and rights of the worker, it will result in disorder. White Collar business people are focused on the concept of capitalism which makes them divided against the Labourers in

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