Labor Unions And The Labor Union Essay

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Labor Union is a group of workers organized to achieve their rights about problems or common goal in their jobs. After read the Power Point about “Labor Unions”, I could understand that this organization is also active in my country, Brazil. However, we call it: “Sindicatos”. Those groups are organized at the same way as Labor Unions; they have different sectors organized by area of actuation.
With this in mind, I saw many examples in my Country that I could certified that Labor Unions has a huge importance to the works rights ( If does not exist Labor Unions or “Sindicatos”, many workers could be “hostages” of their own employees, because of the fear to show their discontent about their jobs). Moreover, in my country we have a famous sentence which says: “A união faz a força” or “The union makes it stronger”. So in the next paragraphs I will show some examples of experiences that I lived in my Country about the Brazilians Labors.
First of all, before introduce my examples to show how important are Labor Unions in my Country, I would like to clarify that most of time when this protests happens is with the intention to call the attention of the Government in general, which is who administrate the majority of the examples that I know and lived using my experiences of friends or family.
In 2012 was happened the biggest strike in Federal Universities. This strike covered more than 90% of Federal Universities and included professor and students who wants more quality of…

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