Labor Calls For A Change Essay

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Labor Calls for a Change Life as a laborer is usually not a matter of choice. Those who work in the factory have a reason for being there and it isn’t because they want to be there, it’s because they had to find a way to survive and for many of them it is a way to be able to provide for their family. Life for women isn’t any better working in a factory than it is for most men, children, or immigrants, it is difficult and mostly dissatisfying. As much work as a woman can do, it is never enough. Going from working long shifts all day in the factory, she goes home to child-bearing and housework that remains. These working conditions don’t only apply to just women, but all of those who work in factories that must work hefty hours to earn wages. In order to change these working conditions, all of us laborers need to come together as one to overpower the capitalist class. In doing so we will be able to control the industry under our own interest rather than in the interest of the upper class.
The working conditions for us require a great deal of effort. We work grueling hours, in horrible conditions, and we have job instability with sharp pay cuts or even lost jobs ( Our typical work schedule is 10 hours a day and six days a week, but it is longer for others. The conditions we work in are terrible, it is filthy, cloth dust is thick in the air, there is no central heating, ventilation, or protection against the spread of fire in the cramped-up buildings…

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