Labeling And Shaming Theories Of White Collar Crime

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1. The first theory that truly caught my eye and that I had questions about was the “Labeling/shaming” theory. This one stood out due to two main reasons, the first is because everything that is happening within our society and has happened over the past year or so and how that has to played into this theory. The second is how Americans label people when yes, they have committed a crime, but even if it wasn’t a significant crime, they are still considered a “criminal” within our society. The first thing that comes to my mind are the shootings that white cops have done on African American men particularly as of late through media, Facebook, and just the news. I know that this is for their protection for the cops, and I know that media over hype …show more content…
How are we going to stop people from judging because of race, but loving because everyone are our brothers and siblings under God. This is why I am so looking forward to this section and this theory out of a majority of the others.
3. The third theory that I am really interested in, is “theories of White-Collar crime”. The reason for this, is that I have taken a couple Criminal Justice classes now through my three years here at Spring Arbor, and I have never truly understood what White Collar crime is. I understand the basics of it, but I don’t truly understand it other than upper class men within our society who commit this crime. My questions towards this theory would be why would these “respectable” upper class men commit these crimes. If they have everything, why do they do something so stupid, to risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard for within your life time. Something that you’ve devoted your whole life for basically. The other questions would be, what types of crimes do they commit. Is it embezzling money from either their company, or from other companies. Or is it something bigger and worse than that. 
4. The final theory that I am interested in, is the “feminist”

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