Lab Report On The Glucose Tolerance Testing ( Gtt ) Essay

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Dry practical Case Study number two report on the Glucose Tolerance Testing (GTT)
A glucose tolerance test (GTT) is a test that is used by clinical physicians to measure the body 's efficiency at metabolizing sugar (Aydan et al., 2010). When the body metabolizes sugar, it essentially breaks it down to be used for energy. If the body does not metabolize sugar as it should, it may result in diabetes (Aydan et al., 2010). The GTT can be used to detect type 2-diabetes which is the most frequently diagnosed type of diabetes. It is also used to diagnose gestational diabetes which is a type of diabetes that may develop during pregnancy (Metzger et al., 2010). The clinical medical scientists or physicians perform a glucose tolerance test to check for problems with the way a person 's body handles glucose, which is blood sugar, after the person has consumed a meal (Aydan et al., 2010). In preparation for the test, patients are typically asked to avoid eating and drinking anything for about eight hours prior to the test although they should consume their normal diet up until the beginning of the eight-hour fasting period (Aydan et al., 2010). Frequently, GTTs are first scheduled in the morning which allows patients to fast overnight while they are sleeping (Aydan et al., 2010). Clinical physicians perform the glucose tolerance test in several steps (Morikawa et al., 2010). As the first step, patient 's blood is taken (Metzger et al., 2010). A medical professional may…

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