La Lloran The Mexican American Cultural Influence Of The Media

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La Llorana is a very well-known and widespread urban legend in Mexico and has become just as prevalent in America with the Mexican-American cultural influence of the media, such as horror movies, TV series, and novels. This legend has been passed down from generation to generation as part of the tradition embedded in the Mexican culture and as a result, there are many different interpretations of La Llorana, such as what she looks like as well as what her story is. The fact is this myth is only ancient folklore and even so it has captured the minds of the public for decades. La Llorana in Spanish translates to English as the “crying or weeping woman”. The Myth has many interpretations due to the amount of retelling it has gone through, but the most commonly known version today, is that there is a woman that wanders near the rivers looking for her children, it is said if she cannot find them and if she finds the living children, she will take them and kill them to take the place of her lost children. So, culturally children today are taught from a young age to never wander away from home or talk to strangers or to simply go to sleep on time as she might snatch them for misbehaving. She is known to be always crying and asking where her children are, the tale tells that this woman either killed her children and threw their bodies in the water or drowned her children and then let the water carry them away, the reason why she did this depends on the interpretation, some say it…

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