Theories Of Organized Crime

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. Define the term traditional organized crime, and discuss how it pertains to the illicit drug trade. The term traditional organized crime is most commonly associated with Italian criminal groups or La Cost Nostra, or better known as the mafia (Lyman, 2014). Most traditional crime family’s got started during the prohibition era. During this time they created a multi-million dollar bootlegging business that included illegal sales or alcohol and racketeering (Lyman, 2014). Since then, the mafia has been able to establish a sophisticated criminal network that focuses on the manufacturing, distribution and trafficking of illegal drugs. Although not all families engage in illicit drug trade, the majority does (Lyman, 2014). The mafia’s first primary …show more content…
This has caused a drug territory war of sorts, and has led to violence. Modern day gangs continue to challenge and compete with the mafia. However, the mafia has been able to withstand many blows, and continues to be a long lasting presence in the United States. They still play visible role in the drug industry, and continue to profit from illicit drugs such as heroin, marijuana and cocaine.

4. Having examined organized crimes criminal and protector groups, discuss them, then compare them to the players in an organized crime support group. Organized crime criminals are composed of individuals that share some type of similarities. They are bound together usually by geographic, race, ethnic or lingual ties (Lyman, 2014). They come together and display a willingness to engage in illicit behavior. The behavior is motivated by profit, and is usually accompanied by violence and intimidation to secure protection of their criminal interests and also to avoid detection of their criminal behavior. Organized crime criminals maintain a code of conduct as well as a structure within their group. Membership in the organized crime group is restricted and is usually based on what the member provides
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OMGs are organizations or gangs of which the members use their affiliation with a motorcycle club as a conduits for criminal enterprises (Lyman, 2014). They are highly structured and engage in illicit activities such as violent crimes and drug and weapon trafficking. All though there is over 300 active OMG’s here in the United States alone, OMG’s pose a serious national threat, and are outlined throughout the chapter. The Hells Angels, the Pagans, the Banditos and the outlaws have made their name in the criminal world. They have considerable criminal influence in the methamphetamine market. They have all four also gained a reputation for violence, and have been known to work closely with other criminal organizations. The banditos has a membership of 2000-2500 (Lyman, 2014) throughout the United States and 13 other countries. The Hells Angels is another OMG with approximately the same size as the banditos. It too is also international with memberships extending over 26 foreign countries (Lyman, 2014). They too are also involved with production, transportation and distribution of methamphetamine. The outlaws have 1700 members who also extent internationally to 12 foreign countries (Lyman, 2014). They too are involved in the production, transportation, and distribution of methamphetamine. Like The Outlaws, they also put their mark in the production and transportation of

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