Korean War And South Korea Essay

1967 Words Oct 18th, 2016 8 Pages
Korea has a history over 5000 years and yet does not seem to be able to maintain it as one country. Due to North Korea’s struggle with her economy, a myriad of North Koreans evacuates to South Korea by crossing over the 38th parallel and risking their lives. Nevertheless, walking around Seoul, there are hardly any North Koreans. When they are found in public, South Koreans either keep distance from them or stare at them with despise; the 38th parallel seems to be segregating the North and the South among society as well. North Koreans recognize the hatred and either stay away from the public’s sight or go choose to undergo poverty by going back to their country. People recall the root of Korea’s segregation to the Korean War. For more than 50 years, South Koreans strongly believe that the segregation can maintain their society’s “tranquility” because of the extreme economic and political difference between two countries. Ironically, as Korea suffered through Japan’s invasion and dehumanizing behaviors, she still maintained a single identity. Japan took over Korea’s government and forced all citizens to give up their identity as “Koreans.” Moreover, Japanese soldiers indiscriminately used Koreans as experimental objects, which even resulted in death. No matter how cruel Japan’s treatment was, Koreans held onto one belief: they will not be brainwashed by Japan and preserve their identities until they get out of the invasion. As a result, Korea could overcome the annexation…

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