Essay about Kore A New World War

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Korea is a state in northeast Asia. It was divided into two parts in 1945, North Korea and South Korea. Geographically, Korea is located on the Korean Peninsula, under north China and eastern Russia and separated with Japan by East sea。 Korea was under the control of Japan since 1910 until the end of World War 2. In August of 1945, the surrender of Japanese declared the surrender of the force in Korea. Soviet Union and US were the main force against Japan and they helped the independence of Korea from Japan. “ No people in the world could want a new world war less than the Japanese, who were all but blasted out of history by the last one.” (The Japanese Seek Safety in MacArthur and the U.S, John Gunther) By 1948, two different governments were set up in Korea and both claimed to be the legitimate government, however neither of them accepted the border to be permanent. Japanese were totally afraid of the force of the US. From reporter John Gunther, when the Korean campaign went badly, Japanese’s answer is “please annex Japan to the US”. The conflict started between two forces, North Korean forces supported by the Soviet Union and South Korean forces supported by the US. The Korean War started. In the nineteenth century, the small Korean society was under the control of China. But when the Russians and Japanese imperialism largely affect the China, Korea was freely gaining some independence. By the end of the century, Korea hovered among China, Russia and Japan. In…

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