Knowledge Is Power In Oedipus The King

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“Knowledge is power” according to Francis Bacon an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, and author. Although the statement is mostly true is not the case in “King Oedipus”, the first book of “the Theban Plays” trilogy by Sophocles. Oedipus had learned his prophecy of the gods and although he had knowledge of the future he did not have the power to control it and could not prevent the prophecy from being foretold. Although he could not control his prophecy he still had the power to manipulate his outcome. Through his action Oedipus did have some influence of his future. Oedipus 's pride, impetuous behavior and lack of insight determine his inevitable fate through cause and effect. Firstly Oedipus’s pride is shown predominantly in the play on several occasions. There are many examples of it but it does not show more clearly until he equates himself …show more content…
He proves this by purposely blinding himself after finding the truth that he in fact was the one who murdered Laius and married his mother. He is so ashamed he blinds himself on his mother 's death bed. “How could I meet my father from beyond the grave/ with seeing eyes; or my unhappy mother/ Against whom I have committed such heinous sin./ As no mere death could pay for? Could I still love/To look at my children, begotten as they were begotten”(63). In the quotation Oedipus proves that he was so ashamed that even death could not save for him from shame because he would have to face his parents in the afterlife, the mother who he bedded and the father he killed. As well for he could not face the monstrous children he had given birth to. Oedipus recognizes his mistakes and all the pride that he had before in the play seems to simply vanish. The fact that he had built himself up for fifteen years as a great king, realizes that he is apart of his city’s destruction and plague. Therefore Oedipus blinds himself to escape all he has done

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