King Richard Character Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… * She is potrayed in comparison to the perfect English beauties and is also said to be endowed with great knowledge, especially medical knowledge. * Also, she is generous and good to the poor. * She is loyal to the faith of her father and is rather proud of her Jewish lineage. In fact, Rebecca is also incredibly strong in the face of prejudice. * Overall, she is a smart, educated, generous, beautiful, faithful and tough woman. * Despite her immense love for Ivanhoe, she doesn’t shy away from taking a firm stand against his views on the Jews.
King Richard- * The character of King Richard is based on the actual King Richard who ruled England from 1189-1199 and led the Third Crusade of Christian Knights to the Middle East to fight against Muslims holding Palestine. * The character in the novel is two faceted, the first being that of the king who draws Ivanhoe to fight by his side in the Crusades. He is held captive in Germany for most part of the novel in that facet. * It is basically the absence of King Richard that even makes Ivanhoe possible in the first
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Prince John- * Like King Richard, Prince John’s character is also based on the actual Prince John. * He is King Richard’s brother and as a character presents the traits of weakness, cowardliness and greed. * His character isn’t that prominent in the novel, except to give a sense of political instability. It is his threat that forces Ivanhoe to travel early on to York., even though he’s wounded. * When the people of the country hear that King Richard seems to have returned, they conveniently leave Prince John to his own means.
Robert Locksley- * Robert Locksley is perhaps one of the most interesting characters of the novel when it comes to mysterious identities and disguises. * He is seen as a fun loving bandit who later reveals himself as none other than the legendary outlaw and do-gooder Robin Hood. * Locksley first appears on the scene as an anonymous yeoman during the tournament who seems to have an impressive talent for archery. * He also has a big chip on his shoulder against the Normans and Prince

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