King Lear's Love

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King Lear was written by William Shakespeare known as one of the greatest english writers during his time. He creates these amazing complex characters and storylines that makes you want a happy ending but Shakespeare does love a tragedy. I think that 's what makes his work stands is because the fact that they doesn 't end in a happy note. The most popular work that he is mostly known for Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Julius Caesar. These are the works that mostly though in high school than other of his plays. I believed one of his other plays go unrecognized is King Lear. From the beginning, the relationship between his daughter, and ending we see change between the characters.
At the beginning of the story it seems that he is willing give
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A true father would have not done that to his daughter. He should have realize that Cordelia truly love him as a father. The only person King Lear wanted to hear of was of Cordelia because he was going to reward her with the best land and he wanted her to take her of him and not his other daughters. He didn 't come to the realization of her daughters honesty towards him. Cordelia didn 't feel the exaggerated her love like her other sister to prove herself to her …show more content…
She quickly gets tired of him and his hundred knights he has living in her home. They didn 't like that their father still kept his title has King because they would be the ones making the decisions for the kingdom not their father. She is not interested in taking care of him in his old age ether. This leaves King Lear leaving Goneril and go live with Regan. Regan doesn 't want her father living with her either. They both team up against their father to kill him in order to get absolute power. He reminds his daughters that he was the one who gave them everything they have now. The sister don 't seemed to sympathize with him so he leaves while a storm was coming their way. I supposed they turn against their father because of neglection and lack of love from Lear. Jealously over their younger sister could have been another motive for them to betray their father. They saw that he was the only daughter he cared a of loved the

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