King Lear And The Queen Comparative Essay

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King Lear and The Queen Comparative Essay

Stephen Frears’s 2006 movie ‘The Queen’ and William Shakespeare’s performance of ‘King Lear’ written in the 16th centaury both share the common universal themes of power of nature and power of words. This essay will show readers the similarities and the different on how both composers use their different techniques to betray each of the themes.

At the beginning of the Queen Stephen Frears includes intertextuality a quote from Shakespeare. The quote appeared on an all black screen and was from Henry the 4th part 2. The quote was:

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

The black screen allowed the quote to be the main focus and salience of the shot.
In Clip three The Queen arrives in London, she makes her way through the cluster of flowers laid for Princess Diana.
During the scene Frears uses a mixture of close up, low angle shots looking up at the Queen when she stops to observe the cards and messages from the public.
These angles allow the audience to clearly see her pain and almost beginning to understand her decisions as she quickly turns away like she wants to ignore it.
Whilst the Queen is reading there is no music. This makes the words more powerful and the audience focuses more on the impact they have on the Queen.
As she keeps walking around soft remorseful music begins to play.
The Queen then approaches a little girl holding a bunch of flowers. She asks her if she wants her to place the flowers with the rest…

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