King Henry Part 1 By William Shakespeare Essay

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The revolving view of people and politics is manipulated such that it becomes the apparent truth. This is evident within the play, King Henry Part 1, written by William Shakespeare due to the positioning of the audience’s view or perspective on matters such that they are able to unveil the true meaning. In King Henry Part 1, an understanding can be formed with each character as they all have their own politics, a standpoint or decision that they stick by which is influenced by their own values, ideologies and virtues. Within the play, Hal and King Henry are prominent examples in which their actions are manipulated by the playwright thus reestablishing the audience’s preconceived ideas and views on them. This manipulation of the surrounding events and situations allows for the audience to paint an image of the character based on the apparent truth obtained.

For one such as Hal, a man fueled by his ambitions to restore his lost honour, a turning point must be required and breached. This turning point can be seen within Act Two Scene Four which demonstrates the beginning of which Hal realises his ambition through the severing of the bonds between him and his rogue companions, specifically Jack Falstaff. The use of the play within a play in this scene by Shakespeare brings forth the deepest emotions of the characters and the truth that they hide as they assume the role that they play as reality. Shakespeare’s manipulation of this scene portrays the gradual change in the…

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