Claudius As A Villain In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, is about a young unstable man named Hamlet avenging his father’s death, and throughout the play deal with many internal struggles. As many readers interpret Hamlet, they find it difficult to differentiate either Claudius as a villain or a man who made a big mistake. On one side, Claudius is battle ready to defend his country, while the other side willing to do anything heinous to keep his throne. The new king is also conflicted by his guilty conscience and is in a similar unstable state as Hamlet. By Shakespeare portraying a complicated antagonist, readers can not help to feel nauseated or empathetic; however, through Claudius’ actions to keep his throne safe lead to a series of nefarious scheming that …show more content…
If you mourn to long, it becomes unmanly. This quotation is significant because King Claudius doesn’t want Hamlet to look into more of the death of the old king or he might find out the truth that he is the perpetrator. In addition, if Hamlet kept mourning, it would bring more unwanted attention to death of the old king, which is understandable why Claudius is rushing him to get over it so others don’t look into it more. Claudius’ intention to have this conversation is premeditated and proves that he is guilty. Also, the readers can infer that the conversation was well spoken which means it was prepared for Hamlet to deceive his true …show more content…
The other motive
Why to a public count I might not go,
Is the great love the general gender bear him (4.7.9-16).

Here, Claudius uses Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, as reason not to kill Hamlet because she loves him dearly and he cannot hurt Gertrude like that. Then, for the other reason he says that the public loves and they will be upset if Claudius punishes him. The quote is important because it shows how cowardly Claudius is by blaming Hamlet and making excuse why he could not punish him. He is afraid to speak the truth, and by doing so he makes things much worse.
In conclusion King Claudius is horrible cowardly person and it is his fault for creating a big mess. He is manipulative, deceitful, and willing to hurt or even kill those closes to him. He murdered his brother, indirectly killed his wife, and tricked a desperate man into committing homicide. Even though some argue that Claudius feels guilty throughout the play, he still continues to exacerbate the situation. Claudius therefore has no morals and is willing do anything for his own personal gain, which ultimately defines him as a

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