Killing The Black Body : Race, Reproduction, And The Meaning Of Liberty

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The statistics, some of which is highlighted by Dorothy Roberts in Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction and the Meaning of Liberty, show the disparity between whites and blacks who seek fertility help from the new reproductive mechanisms. She concludes that it is very evident that the methods are used also exclusively by whites: there are a few black middle-class patients, but largely exceptions. The cost of the procedures is the first of many barriers that rule out numerous black families as statistically, they are the poorest of society. Roberts highlights that the mean cost of one IVF cycle is about $8,000. Often, patients need to do more than one cycle to have successful live births. This is less than fifty percent of the $20,000 if donor eggs are needed, and a long way from the figure of $150,000 for local surrogacy. She offers several factors for the disparity in the numbers of white patients and black patients, including economic barrier, racial steering, and the different ways in which infertility is diagnosed in blacks and whites. She makes recommendations or at least ways in which progress could be made to lessen the disparity, however, I disagree that it is attainable or at least anytime soon. I will argue that the operators of reproduction clinics, that is, controllers of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) see better business in maintaining the status quote.
Roberts reports on the story of a white woman, wrongly inseminated with an egg fertilized by…

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