Killer Angels By Michael Shaara Essay

1180 Words Dec 1st, 2016 5 Pages
Killer angels Over the course of history, hundreds of battles have been fought, all occurring throughout different time-periods, yet all sharing a common goal - fighting for a belief. This reoccurring theme is brought to light during the bloodiest war recorded in history, the American Civil war. This consisted of two major opponents, the Union and the Confederate army. Though many battles were fought during this brutal war, the most famous one is known as The Battle Of Gettysburg. Over the course of three hot, long summer days in July of 1863, thousands of men were killed, family’s were broken apart, and America had become a nightmare. Not a single soul could fathom this massacre and how detrimental it was to the unity of the United States of America. Although it was nearly impossible to describe this horrific scene, author Michael Shaara wrote a historical novel called Killer angels that brings the struggles and hard times these men faced to life and gives readers an astonishing vivid image of how awful the war was and a close look of the relationships made during this time. By channeling through the personal motivations and internal struggles each of these men faced during the Battle of Gettysburg, Killer Angels delves into the sheer importance of the relationships each of these men had which helped or hindered their decisions in the war and demonstrates how drastically different values of each side were, leaving a major impact on the United States of America.…

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