Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay

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In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee portrays Atticus Finch as the perfect father and man in general. Because of this, it is easy to say that he is one of the most beloved characters in American literature. Although he has many strengths that make him the great father he is, he does have a weakness that readers seem to overlook.

Atticus Finch is not always the most responsible Father for his children. Often times Jem and Scout are left unsupervised and although Atticus has a demanding job, he could still have Calpurnia keep an eye on the children. Throughout the novel on many occasions we see Jem, and Scout playing outside in the yard alone. Not always but quite often does this lead to them mocking Boo Radley in some way and trying to get him to come out of his house by doing things such as looking through his window and knocking on his front door. One day Jem and Scout were going into town alone when they passed Mrs Dubose. They had a short conversation until Mrs Dubose said ‘“Not only a Finch waiting on tables but one in the courthouse lawing for n*****s!”’(Lee 101). After hearing this comment Jem had had enough and decided to go to the store and get the steam engine he had always wanted. On his way home he ran up to Mrs. Dubose’s front porch and didn’t leave until he had cut the tops off of every camellia bush Mrs. Dubose owned. If Atticus would have been with them or had Calpurnia go with them into town Jem wouldn’t have been able to show this poor behavior.…

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