Kill A Mocking Bird By Harper Lee Essay

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In the novel, To Kill A Mocking Bird, prejudice is described as 'simple hell people give another without even thinking '. The author, Harper Lee portrays prejudice in such a way that creates an empathical link with the readers as well as invoking powerful emotions.
Throughout generations, Harper Lees ' To Kill A Mocking Bird has shown prejudice in its rawest form. To Kill A Mocking Bird showcases Tom Robinson and his community and the limitations placed upon them in the 1930 's, Mayella Ewell and how she is perceived due to her living conditions and her family members as well as the lady like standards placed upon Jean 'Scout ' Louise.
Racism in the 1930 's was a general part of day to day life. To Kill A Mocking Bird demonstrates this through Tom Robinsons story. Throughout the book, Tom is described as a powerful man, who looks oddly off balanced. While testifying against the rape charges placed upon him, Mr. Robinson is depicted as a kind, gentle man, but as the court case continues, one starts to see that odds are against Tom purely because he is of coloured origin. "What was one negro, more or less, among two hundred of them? He wasn’t Tom to them, he was an escaping prisoner"
This direct quote shows that because Tom was black, his life was less important then those that were white.
"Seventeen bullet holes in him. They didn’t have to shot him that much"
Atticus explained to Tom that his chances of fighting the charges were high but maybe Tom was ' tired of a…

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