Kidnapping In O. Henry's Ransom Of Red Chief

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Imagine this, you owe need some money quick but you there isn't anything for you to do to get the money. But then an opportunity arises in which evolves kidnapping, you immediately take it but it didn't go as planned. This is what happened when the two kidnappers, Sam and Bill, had taken a little boy for some money. Sam and Bill had taken a little boy from Ebenezer Dorset, who was a “prominent citizen” and a respectable father. The kidnappers had it in for them though, the kid was a little rascal who didn't like to listen and believed he was an actual indian who need to cut off Bills scalp. In the end, they eventually gave the little boy back but they paid a ransom of two-hundred and fifty dollars. The author, O. Henry, portrays the theme in the short story,”Ransom of Red Chief”, that sometimes plans don’t work out as it was intended. …show more content…
After kidnapping the kid, they brought him to a cave. To keep the kid busy, the kidnappers would play with the boy. One game included the little boy being a chief and him capturing Bill. According to the text as they were playing, Bill was “to be scalped at daybreak” what he doesn't know is it really happens. So at daybreak, Sam wakes up to hear screams as the little boy is holding a knife right up by bills scalp. This then foreshadows the plan being ruined because the little kid is frightening the kidnappers. Also the little boy threatened to smash Bill with a rock since he crossed paths with Red Chief, the little boy. According to the text, The next day after they were playing, the little boy “put a red-hot boiled potato down [Bill’s] back” terrifying Bill. This event is explaining that since Bill is terrified of the boy now, he doesn't want anything to do with him and wants to take the boy

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