Khoi And The Kohn Summary

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This essay will discuss the fact that the Khoi and the San were servants on the boer farms. It will also closely look at how the farm workers emerged as labourers in the late 1700’s and 1800’s.
The gradual expansion of the agricultural boundaries and the frequent cattle expeditions to the interior, brought the Khoisan and the Nederland’s into closer contact. The harbour civilizations became in higher demand for cattle, contributed highly to the impoverishment of the Khoi and they came to work on the farms of the colonists as farmers and servants. This put them directly under certain rules and regulations. The owners of the land became more underlings in the land on of their birth. This lead directly to the breaking up of the KhoiKhoi
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The Khoi were cattle herders while the San were hunters per excellence. They suffered a great deal of injustice. They did all the work on the farms while the boers reaped all the benefits and rewards. They were never adequately compensated.
Due to the authoritarian rules, telling farmers what to grow for what price, controlling immigration and monopolizing trade, some farmers tried to escape by moving further inland.
In 1780, the bantu-uprisings started and the vee-boere could not expand further than Fishriver. Some of them were forced to settle in Fishriver. There were a lot of similarities between the Bantu and the Khoisan tribes. They were bound in communities, military capable, were cattle herders and agriculturalists and worst of all, they were put on a high premium on the ownership of land.
What the boere couldn’t understand, is that both these tribes became aware of their worth. They started recognizing that they too have rights and accompanied by these rights is responsibilities that one cannot look away from. They became aware of the injustice and that lead to inner conflict that could not be controlled or understand. They came with demand that the boer farmers didn’t even look at. They were disregarded in each and every way. The only mechanism they could use was
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The Great Trek also robbed the boer farmers of a possible source of servants and labourers. As for the Voortrekkers, went North and curtailed the happy hunting grounds of the San(Bushman), which forced this people to seek refuge on farms and in town.
The khoi gradually became labourers of the boers, because of the protection they provided. The vee boere also made use of manipulation to lure the khoi people into working for them. As mentioned before, an inner conflict started between the Khoi and the San people. Both these tribes could not see that the vee boere only prayed on them, for their skills, workmanship and capabilities.
Concluding remarks
Just as the Khoi and the San were discriminated against in the 1700’s up until the late 1800’s, discrimination never really ended and the shackles of the apartheid is still evident today as well as the scarce left by a regime that people were oppressed by. Predajust prevailed and still prevails. But just as the Khoi and the San people found their places in society, it is up to each and every one of us, not to just be tolerated, but celebrated with our history, regrets and all facets of

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