Khaled Hosseini 's The Kite Runner Essay

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Khaled Hosseini’s use of a plethora of literary devices in The Kite Runner, most prominently juxtaposition and metaphor, materially help to construct the character arc and conflict of its main protagonist Amir. Moreover, they exude the main theme of the text, which pertains to Amir 's search for inner peace and enjoyment of life. His character arc uses the various devices to identify and partially resolve his internal and external struggle. While Hosseini’s utilization of foils prepares Amir’s personal clash, his use of metaphor exhibits Amir’s efforts to escape the friction. Both, however, lead up to Amir’s confrontation of his past at the end of the book, in which Hosseini uses multiple literary devices, such as symbolism and personification, to stress the various differences between his past and present.
Hosseini’s use of juxtaposition institutes the basis for Amir’s main conflict throughout the book by contrasting him with his closest friend, Hassan. Although Amir and Hassan fed from the same breasts, took their first steps together, and spoke their first words together (Hosseini 11), Amir notes early on that there are differences between them that they can never reconcile, such as their caste and religion (25). By showing the strength of Amir and Hassan’s companionship yet also emphasizing the vast gap between them, Hosseini is setting up for a third party to enact an inevitable conflict with society’s harsh standards. Later, with the introduction of the sociopathic…

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