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Keyword- Diversity- citation
1. Summary- This article provided information about how dated our medical text books are about the topic of human variation/ diversity. Many medical textbooks still only go by the term “race” as the only human variation there is like for example Caucasians, or African Americans, rather than ancestry. The article also addressed how medical students would benefit from learning about human variation, because it can help them with medical diagnoses. Another aspect the paper talked about is how much diversity is actually in the world. Therefore, humans have adapted to different environments from moving to different geographical regions, and having different patterns of distribution. This article was written to show the importance of human variation and the medical relevance that is needed and the importance for medical practitioners and researchers.
2. Why Selected?- I selected this article for the discussion of diversity/human variation. This paper, in my opinion, talked about diversity as a topic that needs to be understood by medical practitioners and researchers. Also, I selected this article to show how much we have learned about diversity from many years ago till today.
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Also that the prominent features of some people are now being seen on others do to adaptations to the environment. People closer to the equator are darker in skin tone to deal with the higher amount of U.V. radiation, but people of lighter skin color are adapting when they move from one geographical location to another. Therefore, the color of your skin does not define you it is your ancestry that is better used in medical diagnostics. Also I found it interesting that human differ from each other on multiple levels of biological organization like age and

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